It was the station for music lovers


This website is due to self-destruct early October.
In the meantime thank you to every DJ that was ever part of this musical journey that we all went on.
We will miss each and every one of you for giving up your time and wanting to be part of this.
This site will sadly self-destruct when the hosting runs out in October.

We are now asked, is this really the end?
Well, for this chapter it definitely is the end.
The broadcasting room is already in a state of dismantle.
No plans are made to continue with a radio station format.

What will happen next?
The original room will be gutted out, updated and modernised.
New technology will be installed.
Talks are in place to open a public webcasting studio in the near future. If we can make it happen, you will hear the news
through the Globegig Radio Facebook page.

What won't happen next?
A radio station format will not re-open
The 'globegig radio' brand will cease to exist.

What is Globegig?
Globegig Media and Globegig Radio are two separate entities.
Globegig Media is a media production company that provides video production, event filming & live web streaming.
Globegig Radio was a side of Globegig Media for entertainment purposes only. Globegig Media continues to operate.

Where can we go to hear any update news?
Please visit our Facebook page, this page will continue as a news portal and
any important updates or news will be posted here first: